Yocan Evolve Plus

Yocan Evolve Plus

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You can’t stop evolution! Announcing the Evolve Plus, the next evolution of the Evolve personal concentrate vaporizer.


QDC Technology

The Evolve Plus coils use the same QDC technology that we introduced with the Evolve, crafted with Quartz instead of traditional fiber or silica wicks for the purest experience around. The Quartz dual coil guarantees a crystal clean and smooth experience every time.


Other brands coils: Air inlets in the middle of the ceramic cup are often affixed with glue.

Yocan coils: Air inlets are placed on the sides of the ceramic cup without the use of glue.


 Ceramic Donut Coil (not included in the basic kit)

The Ceramic Donut Coil is an optional replacement coil to give you even more options. The 0.8ohm ceramic donut heats up quickly to produce clean and tasty vapor.

The air inlets placed on the side of the ceramic cup means it’s less likely to leak when your concentrate is heated up.


Functional Coil Cap

a. Prevents oil from leaking

b. Helps reduce heat transfer to the mouth piece


Powerful, Portable and Durable

With a larger 1100mah capacity battery and a 15 second cutoff time that provides continuous heat, the Evolve Plus is even more powerful and more durable than its predecessor.


Built-in Silicone Jar

An innovative feature of the Evolve Plus is the built-in silicone jar, a perfect place for storing your wax or shatter while on the go. Patented by Yocan it’s the first multifunctional travelling personal vaporizer of its kind on the dab market.


Micro USB pport

A built in micro USB port provides an easier more convenient way to charge your device. Use any usb wall adapter or just plug it in to your computer with a micro USB cable for convenient charging almost anywhere.


Colors for your lifestyle

Available in 5 exciting colors to match your lifestyle!






Package Content

1 x Evlve Plus atomizer

1 x Evolv Plus battery(100mah)

1 x Extra QDC (Quartz Dual Coil)

1 x Pick tool

1 x Micro USB Cable